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It’s probable that most people would argue that animals deserve kindness, care, and love. Unfortunately, some fail to provide this to their pets, and the effects can be quite detrimental to the lives of many animals all over the United States. In a lot of low-income areas, some people fail to have the means to support the animals with which they live. In other areas, where pet populations of dogs or cats are rampant, it’s almost impossible to get a safe, stable home for every pet. Of course, people go through hardships too, but pets do not have the means to pull themselves out of trouble like humans do.

Animal Hardships and a National Struggle to Save Them

Organizations all over the United States find themselves struggling for resources and tools to help pets in trouble and need. There are far too many people who take on pets without the means to care for them, and rescue efforts can be limited in their reach and ability to help. It’s tireless and quite the effort, and also one that takes a lot of strength. For example, people who volunteer for organizations like these can sometimes run into a lot of unseen consequences, such as depression and anxiety, from seeing animals in states of physical and emotional stress.

Then you have the people who don’t just volunteer some of their spare time; some work for these crucial organizations for a living. It’s because of their efforts that hundreds of animals are rescued every day all over the country. Today, hear about the stories behind one of the country’s most vital organization

Selflessness and Philanthropy with A Guardian Angel Foundation

On this episode, hear Cindie speak with one of those vital organizations made possible by individuals who dedicate their lives to animal welfare. Donna Lagomarsino, Director of Special Projects for A Guardian Angel Foundation in Mobile, Alabama works with a number of organizations all over the country to combine efforts for the betterment of animals. Her efforts at A Guardian Angel with organizations like Red Rover, International Fund for Animal Welfare, American Humane, Best Friends, HSUS, ASPCA, Florida SARC and Lehigh Valley CART (PA) have made a profound difference in the lives of thousands of people and animals. Listen now!

Caught up on Social Dog?

Social Dog is a podcast for dog lovers, hosted by Cindie Carter. Cindie is the owner of Walks and Wags, a highly successful pet sitting and training center. With decades of experience with animals of all temperaments and behaviors, Social Dog is a podcast where Cindie shares her knowledge and experiences with incredible and informative guests. You can even read more about Cindie’s expertise in a free PDF, “Learn How to Introduce Your Dog to Another Dog.

The archive of Social Dog episodes are available online, as well as Apple Podcasts.

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