Expert Dog Training Tailored for Family Harmony

Walks and Wags, Inc. has a knowledgeable training team with over 27 years of knowledge and hands-on dog and puppy training. We offer a full range of training classes, including private lessons, family-level dog training classes, and puppy socialization and training. We specialize in family dogs, teaching them the skills they need to live comfortably in a household environment, such as walking on a loose leash, greeting new people politely, coming when called, and much more. Training classes take place in our large Indoor climate-controlled building.

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Our Approach

Our trainers set foundational skills through positive, consistent, and reward-based techniques. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and information you need to have a well-mannered dog. We want to help you and your family build a healthy, positive relationship with your dog. We know every dog is different, so we offer a variety of training programs, each tailored to your dog's individual training needs.

Our Classes

Family Levels Dog Training Classes

Walks and Wags, Inc. offers the most flexible dog training classes available, known as "Levels Training." With the levels program, you enroll for a block of months and can attend as many of our drop-in classes as desired. This allows you to get as much or as little training as you want or need based on your own expectations for your dog and your schedule. All dogs start at Level 1, and you can move through the four levels at your own pace. You can even go back to a level when necessary to review or reinforce the training. The choice is yours.

Basic Puppy Training & Socialization

Walks and Wags, Inc. is committed to helping families give their puppies the skills they'll need to grow up happy, confident, and well-behaved. Early socialization, properly done, can have a profound effect on your puppy's adult behavior. The puppies in this class are from 8 to 16 weeks old.

Reward-Based Methods

We'll be using reward-based training methods so that your puppy has a positive experience with other pups in class. (With young puppies, it's imperative not to use any devices or corrections that might scare him/her and create an unpleasant association with other dogs or training in general.)

Relaxing Rowdy Rover

This class specializes in helping anxious dogs. Our goal is to provide you and your dog with the skills to eventually join a Level 1 training class.

Calming Cautious Canine

Learn the skills you need to help your shy dog develop confidence and feel secure in new situations. Our Calming Canines class is included in our Levels Program. Our Cautious Canines often spend a little longer in Level 1 to get acclimated to the class environment. As your dog begins to relax and learn coping skills, they can then proceed through the different levels.

Klimb Club - Seasonal

The KLIMB™ is a dog training platform that gives your dog a safe place that they associate with reward and success. By giving your dog a defined and elevated space to work within, your dog becomes more focused on you and your cues. The KLIMB will become your dog's very own place where they feel happy, comfortable, and safe. Our KLIMB Club includes 2 months of training, the KLIMB platform, and access to a private Facebook group.


Levels Obedience

  1. Bronze (2 months) – $320.00
  2. Silver (4 months) – $400.00
  3. Gold (6 Months) – $800.00
  4. Platinum (1 year) – $1,499.00


$350.00 (includes Klimb & two months classes)

Puppy Classes

Additional one-on-one puppy classes are $50.00

Private Sessions

$90.00 (1 hour)

Client Testimonial

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"I love this place. The staff, the owner, and the facility are wonderful. My fur baby loves going here and the price is so worth it Highly recommend!"

~ K Hilsee