Dog Bite Prevention

A poster with the words " 7 0 million nice dogs but any dog can bite ".

Each year, nearly 4.7million dog bites occur. Children make up more than 60% of all dog bite victims. Boys are bitten nearly twice as often as girls. Tips for Making You and Your Child Less Likely to be Bitten by a Dog

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How to Housetrain Your Dog in Three Easy Steps

A white puppy standing in the grass.

House training is all about creating a habit in your dog. He will go to the bathroom wherever he goes the most. It’s that simple! Your goal is to make sure he “goes the most†outside on the grass. Follow these three easy steps to house train your dog: Keep repeating these three steps until…

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Understanding Your Dog’s Emotions Through Canine Flow

A cat sitting on the beach with water in front of it.

It’s safe to say most dog owners know that there’s more than meets the eye to their canine companion. From time to time, we all ponder the extent to which our dogs understand us. We know, thanks to researchers and specialists, that the depths of a dog’s mind and soul go deeper than simple comprehension…

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