Quality Dog Enrichment Grooming

Your dog will experience quality care during their enrichment grooming session! While being groomed according to your instructions, your dog will receive the kind and gentle care that all dogs deserve, including fresh towels and drinking water. We offer professional bathing, stylish trimming, and expert enrichment grooming for all breeds. Our objective is for the enrichment grooming experience to be fun and happy for you and your dog. For your convenience, our dog enrichment grooming services can be combined with doggie enrichment daycare or boarding.

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A dog getting his hair cut at the groomer

The Importance of Regular Baths & Our Bathing System

Walks and Wags, Inc. understands that regularly scheduled, high-quality baths promote an overall healthier dog by proactively addressing skin, coat, and shedding concerns.

We are proud to offer the Prima Bathing System. Oxygen is mixed under pressure with the shampoo and water solution so that when it is released into the coat, it is fully activated for cleansing. The air-injected low-volume pressure applicator enhances the ability to cut through oils and dirt clinging to your dog's coat and skin. Your dog will smell great for weeks!

Packages & Add-ons

Prices are subject to change based on coat condition and complexity of the groom.

A dog being brushed by its owner in the bath tub.

Bubbly Bath Session

Enjoy a cleansing, bubbly massage bath with a moisturizing all-natural oatmeal shampoo, a gentle blow dry, and a brush out.

  1. Small breeds $55
  2. Medium breeds $65
  3. Large breeds $75
  4. Extra-large breeds $95
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Full Pawsh Package

Relax in a cleansing massage bath with natural oatmeal shampoo, a blow-out dry, nail trim, ear cleanse, brush out, and full body haircut. 

  1.  Small breeds: $55 – $70
  2. Medium breeds: $70– $80
  3. Large breeds: $80– $120
  4. Extra–large breeds: $100 - $150+ 
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Pawsh Pup Refresh

A refresh between sessions!

At Walks and Wags, we understand that keeping your pup looking and feeling their best is important to you. That's why we're excited to introduce our Pawsh Pup Refresh service!

The Pawsh Pup Refresh is designed as a convenient maintenance option for your furry friend between their regular full grooming sessions. It includes a gentle trim to tidy up their coat and a sanitary trim to ensure they stay fresh and comfortable. This service is perfect for extending the time between full grooming appointments, providing your pup with that extra touch-up they need to look their best.

With the Pawsh Pup Refresh, your pup can maintain their well-groomed appearance and hygiene while waiting for their next full grooming session. It's a hassle-free way to keep your pup feeling pampered and looking their finest every day!

  1. Small breeds: $40
  2. Medium breeds: $55
  3. Large breeds: $65
  4. Extra–large breeds: $75
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Organic Coconut Oil Treatment: $20

Dry skin, has your pup been itching? Utilize our hydrating organic coconut oil treatment for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

  1. Small breeds $75
  2. Medium breeds $85
  3. Large breeds $95
  4. Extra-large breeds $100+
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Spa Extras

Add to any package or purchase as an individual service.

  1. De-Matting Service: $25 (per 30-minute session)
  2. De-Shedding Service: $65 - $150 per dog using FURminator shampoo and De-shedding system
  3. Nail Trim: $25 (all four paws)
  4. Teeth Brushing: $20
  5. Anal Gland Expression: $20
  6. Capstar Flea Treatment: $10

Client Testimonial

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"Great place with wonderful, caring staff who paid attention to the needs of my dog! Everyone there is great, you can tell they enjoy what they do."

~ Maryella S