Our Founding Story

Walks and Wags, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business founded with a passion to enrich the lives of dogs. CEO and owner Cindie Carter, along with her husband, son, and entire family, evacuated to Mobile after Hurricane Katrina. With family in Mobile and a mission to make a difference in the lives of dogs, Cindie knew it was the perfect new beginning.

Affection, Exercise, & Care

We believe that affection, diet, exercise, and socialization are essential for your dog to live a great life. That's why we provide a high standard of quality services such as enrichment daycare, enrichment lodging, training, and enrichment grooming.

Our Mission

At our core, we are dedicated to the holistic well-being of dogs, driven by our commitment to nurture their body, mind, and spirit. We are on a relentless mission to promote their health and safety, ensuring each canine companion enjoys a life filled with boundless vitality and unbridled joy. Through unwavering dedication and comprehensive care, we aim to establish a standard where every wagging tail is a testament to our devotion to enhancing their complete wellness journey.

Personal Touch

While we provide services that may sound familiar, such as Enrichment Daycare, Lodging, Enrichment Grooming, and Training, what sets us apart is the peace of mind we provide dog parents and our commitment to enhancing the bond you share with your dog.

Our Team & Facility

We are not your average dog boarding facility. Our top priority is the health, safety, and happiness of each dog who visits us. We start by selecting the best people who share our passion for dogs and are enthusiastic about treating each dog who visits like their own. Our team has advanced training in dog body language and behavior, which allows us to match appropriate playmates and ensure our playgroups are as safe and fun as possible.

Canine Paradise Awaits

Walks and Wags, Inc. is conveniently located at 631 Azalea Road in Mobile, featuring five spacious play yards, secure fencing, play structures, and comfortable accommodations for dogs to recharge after all the fun! We provide sanitized food and water bowls and thorough housekeeping services throughout the day.

A person holding their dog 's paw in the palm of someone else.

Client Testimonial

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"Both of my dogs go to play care at Walks and Wags and they LOVE it, which means I love it. They have learned so many good behaviors."

~ Kim W