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It’s safe to say most dog owners know that there’s more than meets the eye to their canine companion. From time to time, we all ponder the extent to which our dogs understand us. We know, thanks to researchers and specialists, that the depths of a dog’s mind and soul go deeper than simple comprehension skills. A lot of understanding your dog’s emotions comes down to connecting with your dog ,and being purposeful in your time together. Spiritual dog training is catching a lot of people’s eyes and ears as a leading method for dog training, wellness, and pet care.

What is Spiritual Dog Training?

Spiritual dog training might sound like a method, but it is derived from science. Pet psychology for dogs is a well established field, and doesn’t just apply to dogs in distress. A dog’s mind is capable of many things the human brain is. Of course, that does mean the negative aspects of psychology, like trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression. How can we better understand what our dogs want and, more importantly, need? Caroline Griffith and her dog training and wellness method, Canine Flow, have proven to get to the bottom of this all-important question.

Canine Flow with Caroline Griffith

The heart of Caroline’s method of training and pet wellness for dogs isn’t rooted in new medicine or science. In fact, the core principles of Canine Flow ask pet owners to consider ancient perspectives on being and our connection to the environment. All living things operate on the same realm, and our relationship with dogs is the same way. Our dogs don’t think like animals any more than we do. They feel, they love, and they fear; our responsibility and joy as pet owners is to help build bonds with our dogs to nurture these needs.

There is More to Your Life – And Your Dog’s Life

In the simplest terms, we all know there is more to life than what we see on our way to work or during the typical day. That external power we feel, even if only subtly, is something our dogs strive for too. In this episode, Caroline talks with Cindie about harnessing the heart to improve dog behavior, all the while prioritizing everyone’s emotions and wellness.

Caught up on Social Dog?

Social Dog is a podcast for dog lovers, hosted by Cindie Carter. Cindie is the owner of Walks and Wags, a highly successful pet sitting and training center. With decades of experience with animals of all temperaments and behaviors, Social Dog is a podcast where Cindie shares her knowledge and experiences with incredible and informative guests. You can even read more about Cindie’s expertise in a free PDF, “Learn How to Introduce Your Dog to Another Dog.

The archive of Social Dog episodes are available online, as well as Apple Podcasts.

You can follow Social Dog on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, as well as keep up with some of Cindie’s conversations on YouTube.

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