Redefining Dog Hospitality, One Wag at a Time

19 Years of Providing Enrichment Daycare, Enrichment Lodging, Enrichment Grooming, Puppy Academy, Training, Dog Swimming and Dog Taxi Services

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Premier dog Resort in Mobile, Alabama

Walks and Wags, Inc. is where your furry friend finds a second home filled with love, care, and adventure. Located in beautiful Mobile, AL, we specialize in tail-wagging experiences tailored to your dog's needs.

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Tailored Dog Care

We understand the unique needs of every dog, whether they're energetic pups or wise seniors. Our resort offers everything from enrichment daycare to training and enrichment grooming services. We ensure your doggy is active, having fun, and getting pampered.

Fun & Socialization

Our highly trained team ensures safe and enjoyable experiences for every furry guest.

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Small and Large Yards

95% of our enrichment daycare spaces boast ample room for play and exploration.

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Personalized Attention

With 8 to 10 dogs per trainer, each group receives personalized care and training.

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Structured Outdoor Time

Separate classes based on age, size, and temperament ensure harmonious play and socialization.

Indoor Doggy Swimming

Get ready for a splash! Our upcoming indoor doggy swimming facility promises even more fun and fitness for your beloved companion.

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Client Testimonial

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"Walks and Wags feels more like a family than a business. I can honestly say their employees truly care for every dog."

~ Adam W