Puppy Academy

We are the premier training and socialization school for your puppy! Welcoming a new puppy can be loads of fun, and we are here to provide the support and training solutions to build your confidence in managing a new puppy at home and in public.

Our day is scheduled and structured like a fun school day to teach specific commands and good behavior. We chart your puppy’s progress from day one to graduation!

The Puppy Academy delivers physical and mental stimulation, as well as positive reinforcement and gentle corrections necessary to master good behavior. We accept only a limited number of puppies at a time, so each puppy receives personal attention and care to address each pup's individual needs.

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Puppy Academy Staff

Our knowledgeable staff know how to bring out the best in your puppy! We are fully trained in puppy training, canine behavior, and dog psychology. This is crucial because along with being able to obedience train puppies, our trainers are also able to predict and prevent potential issues and situations before they escalate. Your puppy is always in experienced and professional hands!

Benefits of Puppy Socialization

Puppies have a sensitive period for socialization from 3 weeks until about 12-14 weeks. During this time, they should have lots of positive socialization experiences with other people and dogs and habituate to the kinds of environmental stimuli they will encounter as adult dogs. Socializing puppies is about more than just people. It involves pleasant experiences with unknown dogs, surfaces, places, anything that a puppy might come across as an adult.

Rates & Requirements

We require a reservation be, at minimum, twice a week from Monday – Friday. Please call for pricing!


Puppies bring their own food and treats. This is to keep them on their same diet as home so their tummies don’t get upset from a sudden change.


Eligible puppies must be between the ages of 8 weeks and 16 weeks old. The puppy must be in the home at least 2 weeks prior to attending school. Once your puppy is 16 weeks, then your puppy is off to regular daycare with dogs the same age. This is when they will start to begin playing with a purpose and we will incorporate training in their play. We have time on our side so we do the repetitions in training all day.


Puppies need to have received 1 round of puppy vaccinations and a clear fecal test to begin school. At this time, these pups won’t interact with the other students (they’ll have their own play area) or go on outdoor walks on the grounds (they’ll go for a stroller walk instead so they are still socialized with the outside world). Once they have their third round of vaccinations they’ll partake fully with the other students.


Enrolled students must also pass a daily health check before class admittance for the day. This is to ensure all students are in optimal health for their own safety and well-being, and that of their fellow classmates.

We love Walks and Wags! If you are looking for a happy place to take your fur baby we highly recommend them. — Maria B.
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Mobile, AL 36693
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