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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth and Gums Healthy for Life February is Dental Health Month, which means it’s time to lavish some attention on your pet’s teeth. It’s important to take proper care of canine and feline teeth, because if left untreated, plaque and tartar buildup can progress to painful periodontal disease. The…

Don’t get frustrated with with your pup when he makes your yard look like a big mess. This article gives some great advice on the Do’s and Don’t of keeping your yard pet friendly. And how to train your dog to use certain areas as his personal space.

BY COLLEEN OAKLEY It can be a peculiar sight: After you put food in your dogs bowl, he takes a mouthful, walks across the room, drops it onto your carpet and then munches away. And he repeats this curious ritual until his chow is all gone. It doesn’t seem like an efficient way to eat—not to mention that…

We should all put in a lot of time and consideration before picking out a dog. When you live in an apartment or have neighbors that like peace and quiet, it can be especially difficult to find a good match.  However, there ARE dogs that tend to be more quiet than others! If your home…

Truly the best in the business. Your pet is family and they care about making sure your pet has an enriched, fun, and well-mannered good time. — Oliva T.
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