Relaxing Rowdy Rovers


Do you have a dog that you can’t walk down the street? Does your dog bark, lunge, or growl at other dogs?

Walks and Wags, Inc. offers our Relaxing Rowdy Rovers program to help these special-needs dogs learn new coping skills. We’d love to help you too.

Rowdy Rovers is a special group class designed especially for dogs who are reactive toward other dogs. The classes always have a mix of beginner and advanced dogs. This provides your dog a chance to practice new social skills in a safe, controlled environment. You’ll be surrounded by people who share the same challenges with their dogs, so there’s never any judgment when a dog has a particularly barky night.

Over time, many of our Rowdy Rovers develop strong enough skills to participate in our regular levels classes at no extra cost.

Q: Sounds good. How do I join?

A: Send us an email to tell us all about your dog (i.e., what concerns you have, what personality traits you like, what your goals are). We want to be sure that Relaxing Rowdy Rovers will be a good learning environment for your dog before you join.

If it sounds like Relaxing Rowdy Rovers will be a good fit, we’ll email you the link to register.

Q: Can I start right away?

A: Because Relaxing Rowdy Rovers is a unique program for dogs with special needs, we sometimes have a waiting list.

The first thing to do is reserve your spot on the waiting list  when we send you the invitation link. (We’ll let you know if any dogs are ahead of you.)

Next, attend an orientation. Come to the first one that fits your schedule so that you’ll be ready for class as soon as your spot opens up. (If you have not yet attended an orientation when we’re ready to bring in another dog, we may have to jump to the next dog on the list.)

Q: What if you say Relaxing Rowdy Rovers isn’t right for my dog?

A: We say no for two reasons:

Some dogs will be too stressed by a group class environment, so we’ll recommend private lessons for them.

Some dogs, quite frankly, aren’t rowdy enough for Relaxing Rowdy Rovers! In that case, we’ll encourage you to join our levels program .

But if you are thinking Relaxing Rowdy Rovers is right for your dog, odds are that it will be a good fit. Our trainers love the Relaxing Rowdy Rovers clients—both human and canine. We look forward to working with you and your dog.


Relaxing Rowdy Rovers

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