Puppy Basic Training & Socialization Class with Owner


Q. Why are we offering puppy classes?

A: Walks And Wags,Inc. is committed to helping families give their puppies the skills they’ll need to grow up happy, confident, and well behaved. Early socialization, properly done, can have a profound effect on your puppy’s adult behavior.

We’ll be using reward-based training methods so that your puppy has a positive experience with other pups in class. (With young puppies, it’s imperative not to use any devices or corrections that might scare him/her and create an unpleasant association with other dogs or training in general.)

So register and provide your puppy’s documentation early so you are sure to get in. Your registration is not considered complete until we have reviewed your shot records and intake form so please hurry.

We will send you a letter with the dates you can bring your puppy to classes. Once we have review your registration and intake form. This invitation will be based on openings in the class so you may have to wait to get started.

NOTE: It’s important for all puppies to have a clean bill of health before attending any classes. After registering, send your puppy’s veterinary record to info@walksandwags.com

We MUST have these records no later than close of business on Friday before your first class.If we do not get them in time, you’ll have to wait until the following week to join the class if there is no room.


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