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Puppy behaviors can be precursors to adult behavior. Listed first is the puppy behavior followed by the corresponding adult behavior.

  • Dog snaps in the air toward a person — Will usually progress to biting skin.
  • Growling for any reason other than play — Mean to people who try to get him to do things he doesn’t want to do.
  • Cannot be left alone, even for short periods of time, without going to the bathroom or chewing something — Separation anxiety: dog may destroy house if left alone.
  • Hides under furniture and will not come out (may growl if you try to get him) — Fearful dog who will bite when worried.
  • Dog stops eating, freezes, and/or stares if you approach while he is eating — Food – or toy-possessive dog who cannot be approached while eating.
  • Dog who cannot be handled by the vet (growls, snarls, or snaps) — Dog must be muzzled to prevent aggression when handled.
  • Watch your puppy’s behavior around areas where there is food. Early signs of aggression in puppies include being possessive over toys and food.
  • Early socialization is key! The most important time for socialization for a dog is 8-14 weeks.Consult your local trainer and get started right away. It will last a life time.

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