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What could be more fun for your dog than a wide open space where they can run around off-leash and play with their fellow canines until dark?  A dog park sounds like the perfect place for a dog, especially if you live in an apartment or condo without a yard.  As responsible dog-owners, we need to take a moment and consider the precautions we can take in order to have a safe visit.  This is a great article outlining the Hidden Dangers at the Dog Park from  It includes tips on what to bring with you when visiting the dog park as well as important vaccinations to prevent your dog from getting communicable diseases.Above all else, keep an eye on your dog.  Owners are a dog’s best advocate.  You know your dog better than anyone.  Watch out for other dogs’ behaviors around your dog.  Make sure to be in-tune with how your dog is acting too.  Dog parks can be fun but they can also be intimidating.  They are not for all dogs.And, if your dog is not socialized, the dog park is not the place to do it.  .  Do not take them to the dog park! Only socialized dogs should be brought to a dog park.

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