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Holiday Treat Giving Guide For Dogs!

The holidays are all about giving. So of course we want to give to our dogs as well as to our human friends. And what do our animals like better than special food and treats? It’s important that when sharing special treats that we do it carefully.

No one wants to turn what’s meant to be a fun experience and holiday into a bout of diarrhea and vomiting.

If your dog has been eating the same kibble day in and out, be careful about how much turkey, butter, and grease you give them. If we ate the same breakfast cereal every day for every meal, then ate a hamburger, we would get sick too.

Dogs’ bodies adapt to what they are fed, meaning their own digestive enzymes will slow down production when there are no fats or animal proteins to digest.

More than a few dogs have landed in the animal hospital the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas with pancreatitis or other problems caused by eating lots of high fat foods such as turkey with all the trimmings. Our animal friends just can’t properly digest large amounts of cooked fat, especially if they’re used to eating a carbohydrate-based diet such as kibble.

Here are some Treat-Giving Guidelines during the Holidays:

Avoid chocolate, grapes and raisins, onions, and a new one, xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sugar replacement for humans found in everything from gum and candy to baked goods. But warning –  Xylitol is not for dogs! Many dogs have become very sick or died from renal failure due to ingesting xylitol recently.

If you think you have a Thanksgiving hangover, think about the animals that are used to eating the same breakfast cereal every day. Vary their diet. Give a variety of healthy foods, commercial or homemade, cooked or raw. It makes a huge difference in their ability to handle an unusual variation from the normal.

A treat for a dog can be a whiff, a taste, or a morsel. Their senses are much more heightened than ours. We are often mistaken to give an entire biscuit as a treat. That whole treat is a small meal for a small dog. Break it up into small pieces. They will still love it just as much.

There are great meat treats for dogs on the market that are lower in carbs. Remember, meat for carnivores. You can even buy meat jerky for dogs. There are great treats in rolls you can cut into tiny, tiny pieces that taste yummy!

If you are looking for an education on quality foods and treats for your sweet baby, check out Dog Days Barkery at 5552 Old Shell Road, Mobile, AL, 251-375-1734, or connect with them on Facebook.

They specialize in all natural dog and cat foods, homemade treats, cakes and ice cream, holistic supplements, healthy chews, and eco-friendly pet supplies!

Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas For Pets

Perfect for the pet lovers on your list, too!
Choosing gifts should be fun!

Take the stress out of shopping with these gift ideas that are guaranteed to please your pets and the pet lovers in your life.

Holiday Gifts for Pets & Pet Lovers

Give a day at the spa. Treat your pet to the luxury of a warm bath, trim, teeth cleaning and/or nail trim. Your pet will enjoy the relaxation of being pampered and being free of all that excess fur, and you’ll enjoy a fresh, clean pet!

Don’t forget treats. Give your pet some healthy, delicious treats. Wrap them up and let your pet tear into the wrapping paper to find some instant gratification inside!

Give the gift of training & classes. Dogs love learning new things. You can choose from basic obedience training, dog sports, agility, and more. Training makes life better for you and your pet!

Toys, Toys, Toys. Replace your pet’s worn out favorite toys, and check out some of the new interactive toys on the market to stimulate your pet’s interest.

Doggie Daycare. Dogs can get bored and lonely while you’re away. Letting your dog have fun playing and running and getting attention at daycare when you’re at work is a wonderful gift!

Keepsakes. This one is just for the pet lovers on your list. The gift of a professional photo session, or a paw casting kit, will provide mementos that they will cherish forever.

Pet Furniture & Clothes. Is that pet bed looking a little flat? Does your dog get too chilly walking outside, or could your senior pet use some carpeted stairs to help them get up on your bed? Clothes and furniture can seem mundane as gifts, but they provide wonderful daily benefits for pets.

Holiday Fun with Pets!

From jazzy zen to mischievous chaos
All we need is love . . . and cute pet videos!

Check out this classy Boston Terrier as he takes a holiday roomba ride, or see just how hard it is to put up a Christmas tree with two curious cats in the room! Watch them both below.

The Right Training Keeps Dogs in Homes

And OUT of Shelters!

There are many ways pets can end up in shelters, but lack of training is a common reason that dogs are given up.

It’s not the dog’s fault – any dog will end up with negative behaviors if they aren’t given proper training, exercise, and socialization.

The good news? It’s never too late to train! Shelter dogs can easily learn the skills they need to be a happy member of your family.

Why All Dogs Should Be Trained

There are many ways pets can end up in shelters – unwanted litters, allergies, moving – but lack of training is one of the most common reasons that dogs are given up (even if the owners don’t necessarily express it that way).

Dogs who pull too much on the leash, dogs who bark incessantly, dogs who get snappy with people or other pets, dogs who tear up the house – these are all reasons why an owner might decide that they just can’t handle their dog, and they are also all behaviors which can be addressed through proper training.

It’s not the dog’s fault – any dog will end up with negative behaviors if they aren’t given proper training, exercise, and socialization.

The good news? It’s never too late to train! Shelter dogs can easily learn the skills they need to be a happy member of your family.

The ideal time to start training and socialization is in puppyhood, but adult dogs are very trainable, and can overcome a lack of early socialization (exposure to other animals, places, and people) with time.

If you are getting a new dog this holiday season, or having some behavior issues with your current dog, the sooner you start training, the better!

Working with a professional trainer will give you and your dog a chance to bond and learn how to communicate with each other. Constant practice and consistency at home are essential, and sometimes a refresher course is needed.

In order for training to work, it’s also crucial that dogs get enough exercise for their energy level. People who don’t have time for that much exercise can really benefit from doggie daycare, especially if the training lessons are continued during daycare.

Don’t let problem behaviors keep you from fully enjoying every moment with your dog – talk to a trainer today!

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