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Customer Testimonials

Doggie Daycare Customer Testimonials

Judy Falls

Buster's mom

Buster was a rescue shelter dog. Despite being energetic and adorable, he lacked a lot of disciple and was occasionally aggressive with other dogs. Since attending Walks and Wags, we have witnessed Buster transform into a calmer, gentler, and more obedient dog. The staff of Walks and Wags is kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Buster adores spending time with both his human and dog friends at Walks and Wags and comes back from doggie day care a tired and happy pup. We highly recommend Walks and Wags to anyone who loves their dog!
Janden Richards

Professor, Dusty's mom

Imagine a place dogs dream about. A place where they can make friends with four and two legged pack members. A stimulating environment where dogs have cool stuff to do, get lots of healthy exercise and have fun learning important social skills with which they can impress their humans.

Our lucky rescue dogs have been “living the dream” at Walks and Wags for over seven years. And we humans are lucky to have this amazing place in Mobile.

Dogs need doggie friends and Walks and Wags is THE place they dream about!

Boarding Customer Testimonials

Anna Lawson

Maddox's mom

Maddox LOVES Walks and Wags! They take such wonderful care of our fur baby when we go out of town. During his last visit, there were terrible storms that came through Mobile County, and my only form of communication was via Facebook (not Walks and Wags fault…I just didn’t have cell reception at my location). I was able to message them and check in on Maddox, and they quickly responded to let me know that they were all okay. They had brought them indoors in a secure hallway in case of a tornado! I don’t know of many doggie daycares who would of taken extra care of Maddox!!! For those who complain about the extra steps of 30 day fecal exam and application process, that’s fine. Please take your dog somewhere else! I’m glad to know that other fur babies at the facility have humans who care about their dog as much as I care for Maddox. I can’t say enough about the staff! They are always kind and polite about any questions. Maddox is always thrilled to go hang out with the other dogs, and always returns nice and clean when I pick him up!!! Walks and Wags will continue to be my #1 choice for boarding and doggie daycare.
Katie Pastore

Monkey's mom

This is THE best doggie daycare/overnight boarding place my dog has ever stayed. My parents send their dogs there every week so when I’m in town mine goes too. He loves it there. He always comes home exhausted and often times with a craft he’s made. (He’s an artistic genius.) Cindie is the best. Katie also gives the best haircut Monkey has ever had.

He’s stayed in $100 a night places in LA, Chicago, Seattle, and Portland and there has never been a place I trust and love even half as much as Walks & Wags. I’m kind of a crazy pet owner and no place is good enough for him. But Walks is! I want to move back here just so he can go more often.

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Going Out of Town and Want Your Dog to Have a Vacation too?

Grooming Customer Testimonials

Rust & Tiffany Felix

Schramsberg's dad

Our dogs Jockamo and Schramsberg mean the world to my wife and I. With the exception of our wonderful vet there is only one other place we completely trust to play with, care for, and love our dogs. We have been clients of Walks and Wags for years, and they have done an outstanding job—we refer them to every dog owner we know. They have done great time after time grooming our Goldendoodle Schramsberg, and they have proven their value by constantly working with our Labrador-Akita mix Jockamo to keep him happy and well socialized. We consider Cindie and her team our family, and we know our dogs do too!
Kathi Abell

Program Manager, Seamus & Lexi's mom

I am writing to highly recommend Walks and Wags’ groomer, Katie, whom I have known for five years as the BEST groomer in our community. During this time Katie has worked with Walks and Wags as a dog trainer and groomer. As her talents and qualifications have been wide spread, Katie is now called upon for her expert grooming skills full time.

I had personally tried three well-established groomers in our area to no avail. None were able to groom our Irish terrier to breed specification.

The first time Katie groomed our dog she was expertly groomed and could have been placed in any reference book depicting identification photographs of dog breeds. Absolutely picture perfect!

I have no doubt your dog would come home happier, more confident and beautifully groomed after a spa day with Katie.

Libba Vanderbeek

Holly's mom

One of the things I love about Walks and Wags is that I can have all of Holly’s needs taken care of at one place. I particularly like that Katie grooms Holly so beautifully. Katie is always receptive to any changes I want to make in Holly’s look and is willing to “take a little more off” if that is what I want. I also appreciate that Holly can have her hair cut in the morning, resume playing, then have a bath before coming home. No waiting around in a cage at the groomer!

Dog Walking Customer Testimonials

Work Long Hours? Need Your Dog Walked During the Day? Look No Further, That is What Walks & Wags Does…

Makeda Nichols

Business Owner, Bruno's mom

Heather has been taking care of us each time our mom leaves town. We look forward to her coming to spend time with us. I Bruno top dog love to go on a walk in my neighborhood with Heather. Zoey, my honey likes her too. We get to read the newspapers in the neighborhood by sniffing all the different bushes and trees. For us that is the best time me of the day, besides when we get brushed. I and the rest of the gang highly recommend Heather. She is great.


Domino's mom

I have used Walks and Wags since moving to Alabama almost a year ago. My dog Domino was a little traumatized by all of the changes and missed her old dog walker, so finding Walks and Wags and Heather was absolutely amazing. Heather is the best. I know when she comes Domino has a loving and caring person to give her the time and attention she needs. I never have to worry that Domino will be left too long or not get enough exercise because Heather fills that essential gap for me when I have a trip or a long day at work. I can always tell when Heather has come to visit because Domino has an extra spring in her step. I cannot recommend Heather and Walks and Wags enough. You will not be disappointed.

Pet Sitting Customer Testimonials


Without a doubt, one of the best businesses I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with since we moved to Mobile. They truly love the dogs and are there to provide the best care for them, and the best experience for the owner, too! I travel for work, so it was necessary to find a pet sitter not long after moving. I also owned a cranky chow mix that didn’t take kindly to strangers. Heather worked so hard with my sweet Butters until he trusted her enough to walk with her. Sadly, Butters fell ill with a brain tumor in August and passed away quite quickly. My other dog, Kermit, is much more social, so we started sending him to daycare at Walks and Wags. He also went to daycare in Atlanta, and while he enjoyed it, he REALLY LOVES going to daycare here. Everyone is so fantastic with him. He also gets a bath and a bow on his collar before coming home so he’s not smelly from romping with the other dogs!

I have never liked boarding my dogs, generally opting for an in-home pet sitter instead, but Kermit loves it there so much, I am going to board him for a weekend in December. I feel more comfortable leaving him there than I ever have before.

Jules Ledkins

Lennon, Cesare, & Sookie's mom

My dogs adore their dog walker, Heather! They are all happy wagging tails whenever she is around! I have been a client of Walks and Wags for several years and have used their dog sitting / walking services for the past 1 1/2 years. I trust Heather and the staff at Walks and Wags implicitly. Other than my own mother, I don’t trust anyone more than Walks and Wags with my fur babies.

When my oldest Chihuahua, Lennon, needed eye drops every few hours and I had to work a 12 hour shift, Heather saved the day. When I had the flu, Heather to the rescue again! She has so much experience and is conscientious of all the important details, so I never have to worry about a thing. Heather jots down notes after each visit in a little notebook I keep, so all I have to do is glance at it to know if there are any concerns or just what the pups got up to that day. I smile every time I read Heather’s note for the day, because I already know they had a great day if Heather came by!

Diane Gibbs

Associate Professor, Jakson's mom

Walks and Wags has been great for Jakson. He has been going since he was 5 months old, he is afraid of a lot of things and going to doggie daycare has really helped him with his fears of new things and with socialization. He looks forward to his days with his friends and it gives me a break the next day because he is still worn out.
Servicing all Mobile and surrounding areas. For more detailed directions please call or click here to email.

631 Azalea Road Mobile, AL 36609



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